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Invigorating Massage | Luxurious Spa Packages | Stylish NailsThreading ultimate answer in stress relief is here at Styles of Elegance. Our relaxing, rejuvenating massages will relax muscles you didn't even realize were tense. We offer a wonderful variety of massages that can bring about true relaxation in as little as a half hour.

Swedish Massage

$65 per hour


$45 per 1/2 hour

Tension Relief Massage

$55 per hour 


$35 per 1/2 hour

Aromatherapy Massage

$70 per hour


$45 per 1/2 hour

Hot Stone Therapy Massage



Be queen for a day! Try any one of our different combinations of services. You'll feel like a new person. Our spa packages make wonderful gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandmother, the graduate, the Bride-to-be, or Yourself!

Silver Package

  1/2 hour massage, spa manicure, and spa pedicure


Gold Package 

  1/2 hour massage, facial, spa manicure, and spa pedicure


Diamond Package

1 hour massage, facial, spa manicure, spa pedicure, shampoo and

style, and make-up application


Bridal Package

1 hour massage, facial, spa manicure, spa pedicure, up-do, wax, and

make-up application

$250 present your fingernails every day, in every activity, to everyone you meet. Why not present a well-manicured, polished you? Our manicures and pedicures are nothing short of indulgent, and, of course, the results are immediate. Add a paraffin treatment for a truly revealing experience. Treat yourself and a friend today. They'll thank'll thank yourself!

Spa Manicure 

Our spa manicure includes paraffin to soften the surface of tired

hands by removing dull skin cells to reveal smoother skin.


French Polish, add $6





Full Set Acrylic Nails




Acrylic Fill





Spa Pedicure

Relax in a comfortable chair with built-in massage features. Remove dull and rough skin cells from tired feet to reveal smoother, more

smoother, refreshed feet.


Paraffin treatment, add $8 to wake up every day looking your very best, without having to do anything? We've got just what you're looking for ~ a full line of Threading (Ancient Hair Removal.) Eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner...all professionally applied so you don't have to bother! Call today and make an appointment, so you can save time and effort for many days to come.





Eye Brow


Eye Brow










Full Face


Full Face





$35 and up



Full Leg

$55 and up



Bikini Line

$25 and up




$45 and up



Under Arm




Full Arm

$50 Is Threading Hair Removal?

Threading is a proven age-old form of facial hair removal practiced in India, China and Middle East. The procedure uses a 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. As the facial hair is removed, only a slight pinch is felt.
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